Sunday, May 3, 2009

Verdict Attire

O.J. Simpson’s tan Armani suit, white shirt, and gold tie were seen by millions on his famous acquittal day. Years later they were part of the evidence following the attempted Las Vegas heist that finally landed him in jail. If you missed them both times, or just want a closer look, you can now visit the Newseum in Washington, D.C., where they are a part of the permanent collection.

These might have been the most well known articles of clothing worn in the courtroom by a high profile defendant . . . until today.

All of that changed when Destiny Blande left the Rambling River, NJ, courtroom a free woman in a custom-made Cher Côulter navy dress, matching Jimmy Choo navy boots (donated by none other than Strangler Fashion), and a bright yellow Miu Miu calf leather tote. The stunning ensemble was perfectly punctuated by her chartreuse eyes. She’s come a long way since the arrest, baby, and even since the trial began. The fashion statement that started with a stutter ended with an exclamation point.

The Smithsonian declined O.J.’s outfit, but maybe they’ll go for Destiny Blande’s. Only time will tell.

In a related story, Cher Côulter denied rumors of their bid for exclusive sponsorship of Destiny Blande’s dresses and business suits for the next three years. Blande has not yet commented on this offer.


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