Sunday, April 25, 2010

Satin Strangler Broadway Premiere

The big day is finally here, fashionistas.

The red carpet is rolled out on Broadway tonight for If She Did It. We are live on the scene for the most heralded Broadway opening in years.

The show is a who’s who of contemporary theater. Director Leopold “The Great” Leroux has been holding court with reporters outside. Leopold is in a fire-engine-red custom-designed Armani tuxedo accessorized with a purple velvet robe, quite fitting when declaring one’s self the reigning king of Broadway.

Leads Charlize Montgomery and Lars Peters entered together more than an hour ago. Montgomery, who plays Daphne Blain, aka the Satin Strangler, was wearing a gray McQ asymmetrical sweater and Mou tall suede boots. Peters, who plays attorney Henry Crow, looked comfortable in his brown leather jacket, faded jeans, and a t-shirt that read “Evil Personified” over Destiny Blande’s picture.

Horace Krouch, author of the book that started all of this, will not be at the theater tonight. He will instead be part of the production, with robotic cameras poised at his Park Avenue office, ready to stream live video to the stage screens as part of the multimedia extravaganza. We have criticized him more than once in the past for his overly conservative fashion selections. We’ll see what he’s wearing on the set tonight. Will he make a fashion rebound?

Camera crews from the production team intermix with hundreds of media reporters throughout the crowds lining the streets, filming live interviews simulcast onto the Times Square screens. When the show starts, their live feeds will reach the stage screens in the theater itself.

There have already been several sightings of stars here to watch the premiere. Christopher Walken arrived earlier wearing a black t-shirt and charcoal gray suit. Jeff Goldblum was a combination of cool and sophisticated in a black suit and white shirt sans tie, and Sigourney Weaver looked elegant in her black sequin wrap dress and white strappy sandals. And that’s only the beginning. There are many more to come.

Even the crowds lining the streets are getting into the fashion groove. Protestors are wearing Destiny Blande wigs and courtroom fashions. They carry signs that read "Killing is Wrong" and “Death for Destiny." Some hecklers crowded around Charlize Montgomery as she entered. Theater security guards in navy blue polyester uniforms whisked Montgomery into the theater and then beat several protestors with their own signs.

There have been numerous reported sightings of Destiny Blande here tonight, but each has proven to be a woman or man dressed up to look like Blande. Much of this is due to a local radio station’s "Go as Destiny" promotion, sponsored by the New York City Destiny Blande Look-alike Service. Seeing the actual Satin Strangler would indeed be a surprise, given her camera phobia, but you never know what you’ll see on a night like this.

Whether you are inside the theater, out here with us right now, in movie theaters around the country, or watching at on-line, this is the hottest ticket going. Enjoy the show, fashionistas. We will bring you more fashion from the event, both on and off the set.


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