Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Courtroom Fashion Precedents

What will Destiny Blande, the alleged Satin Strangler, wear in the courtroom? Will she take cues from her famous predecessors, or will she make her own fashion statements? The judge, the jury, and (let’s face it) the rest of the world will be taking their cues from her fashion selections. Hopefully she’s been studying the fashion wonders and blunders of her infamous predecessors.

Sweetheart actress Winona Ryder set the bar in 2002 when accused of shop lifting over $5,000 of merchandise at Saks. She was unsuccessful at getting tags off a blue Marc Jacobs bag, according to Ryder appeared at Beverly Hills Municipal Court for her preliminary hearing sporting a yellow and navy combination of headband, dress, shoes and bag from Marc Jacobs. Her next several months of appearances were essentially unpaid advertisements for Marc Jacobs and Fendi. Marc Jacobs later rewarded Ryder for her shoplifting fashion sense by adding her to their advertising campaign. Go girl.

Martha Stewart faced charges in federal court showcasing a luxe coat and Hermes Birkin bag. The press criticized her for such a flagrant public display of wealth but later showed even less mercy when she appeared with an “everyday housewife” look.

Naomi Campbell spent much of 2006-2007 in New York City courtrooms after assaulting her housekeeper with a cell phone. Supermodel appearances in the Manhattan criminal court are few and far between, so paparazzi and fashionistas were on hand. Naomi kicked things off with a sexy black dress and black bracelets, and followed through with a charcoal Louis Vuitton jacket and black dress by Rachel Roy.

Campbell's week-long community service at the New York City Sanitation Department Depot featured numerous designer looks. 'What do they expect me to do? Walk in looking all drib and drab? I've never looked drib and drab in my life," she was quoted as saying in W Magazine’s "The Naomi Diaries." "I want to walk out of here with my head up. I want to go out in style, and fashion is what I've done for 21 years." The sanitation fashion included fedora, fur jackets and coats, colorful ruffled blouses, and even a silver gown grand exit in a Bentley.

In 2007 hotel heiress Paris Hilton appeared at the Metropolitan Courthouse in Los Angeles makeup-free and in baggy sweats. For her sentencing she chose a mix of gray and white separates and a headband – a lesser version of the Winona Ryder look. Later that year her friend Nicole Richie, daughter of famous singer Lionel Richie, appeared in court on DUI charges in Glendale. Nicole earned raves from fashionistas for her courtroom look, which included oversized black shades, sophisticated low chignon and an elegant Moschino black dress.

Destiny Blande is next. What will it be? That subdued girl next door look that she has portrayed to this point? Or some unique style not yet seen in the courtroom? There are so many opportunities to play off her auburn hair and chartreuse eyes.

Please take a moment to take our survey, girlfriends:

What brand of shoes will Destiny Blande wear in court tomorrow?

A. Jimmy Choo
B. Another brand (If so, which one?)

Stay tuned, star struck fashionistas.


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