Sunday, March 15, 2009

First Day In Court

We’ve been waiting for months. We’ve been digging through old photos for clues. We’ve analyzed her psychological profile. Today’s media phenomenon finally revealed what we were dying to know – what Destiny Blande would wear at her trial.

Well, fashionistas, the verdict is in.

Mossimo led the ensemble, with a conservative black dress and Winni black round toe wedge shoes. Her purse was the only splash of color, but represented a somewhat surprising red Coach knock off. The absence of jewelry completed the low profile look, but a small black satin bow used to pull her hair back intertwined hints of quiet librarian and Satin Strangler.

These were a far cry from the results of our reader survey with all of you predicting her brand of shoes:

Jimmy Choo – 22%
Christian Dior – 17%
Manolo Blahnik – 14%
Marc Jacobs – 12%
Prada – 10%
Chanel – 8%
Michael Kors – 7%
Other – 10%

Results from our survey predicting her brand of purse were similarly off the mark:

Chanel – 16%
Gucci – 16%
Christian Dior – 14%
Fendi – 14%
Prada – 13%
Coach – 8%
Miu Miu – 8%
Marc Jacobs – 3%
Other – 8%
No Purse – 0%

Let’s face it, girlfriends. We would have dressed better – maybe a bit of jewelry to play off those chartreuse eyes. But that’s okay. Destiny’s the hottest thing going right now. Maybe she’ll bring economical back into vogue. You never know. Let’s see how she does during the rest of the trial. Stay tuned, star struck fashionistas.


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